How to Prevent the Leg Varicose?

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How to Prevent the Leg Varicose?

•    One can prevent the varicose disease or its progression potentially by taking some simple measures and changing lifestyle.

•   The regular aerobic exercises would strengthen the blood circulation and the vessel walls. The focus is on the exercises which activate the

leg muscles, such as walking, cycling, and watersports.

Some of the exercises that cause excessive pressure on the abdomen and the legs, such as weightlifting can be harmful

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Weight loss is also very effective in reducing the varicose pressure.

Avoid long periods of sitting and standing.

Do not cross your legs while sitting. Use the footrest and sometimes bend the ankle joint. 

The very high-heeled shoes are not recommended.


Avoid wearing too tight clothing, such as fitness clothing that cause pressure on the waist and the legs; they would intensify the leg varicose

in the long term.

•    Prevent constipation by consuming liquids, dietary fibers, walking, and using toilets (instead of squatting).     

Smoking would intensify the vascular disorders such as the blood tissues` disorders, increase of the blood pressure, the blood circulation`s

disorders, and etc. Therefore, it would intensify the leg varicose.

•    Prevent travel related thrombosis before the long journey. Consult your doctor especially before the long journey (more than 4 hours) by

plane. In some cases, it is necessary to

give the subcutaneous injections in addition to the common measures (wearing the compression socks, the leg muscles activity, wearing the

comfortable clothing, consuming lots of liquids); it is injected only by doctor`s prescription.

•    Consult your doctor regarding hormone drugs and the birth control pills.

If you are prone to the varicose disease for any reason such as your job, the genetic background and the like, consult your doctor for

wearing the compression socks.


This essay is translated by Mojgan Salmani

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