The Required Tests for Investigating Varicose Disease

Tests for Investigating Varicose Veins

For investigating that whether a person suffers from varicose or not, the severity of the disease, whether it needs any treatment or not, and also determining the appropriate method of treatment, first of all, the color Doppler sonography should be done.

In Iranvein Varicose Clinic, in the first visit, color Doppler sonography is used for the patient, in addition to the clinical examination

Of course, except the first diagnosis, most therapeutic measures are done by the help of sonography.

سونو واریس پا

Another diagnostic instrument used in the clinic is Veinlight device; it investigates the surface area for tiny feeding veins. A satisfactory

treatment of the spider veins depends on finding feeding veins and blinding them

سونوگرافی درمان واریس پا

Some patients need a closer investigation of hemodynamic effects of the leg; it is done by the use of plethysmography in the clinic

دستگاه Veinlight

There is the possibility of a deep vascular disease in the advanced cases of the varicose.

There may be a clot in the deep pelvic veins; in these cases, further investigations such as venography are needed. Such a

measure is similar to the

angiography and it would be done in the hospital.

In the cases where there is the possibility of the postpartum pelvic varicose, the internal sonography or venography would be used


This essay is translated by Mojgan Salmani

همودینامیک واریس پا


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