Addiction and the Leg Vein Thrombosis

Smoking affects blood clotting and circulation, which can increase your risk of DVT.

modern addiction

Unfortunately, in recent years, the injecting drug users use the vessels of their groin for various reasons such as:

Easiness of the injection in the groin area

 Being invisible of the injection needle`s place such as the hand and the arm.

Therefore, they will have the following side-effects:

One of the common side-effects of such an injection is the leg vein thrombosis. Sometimes the thrombosis is infectious and very dangerous it;

can be fatal or severely debilitating.

These patients would suffer severe leg pains in the long term due to the repetitive injections and thrombosis; they can`t have the normal

life. And sometimes, they can`t even rest in peace, and are forced to turn to the more drugs injections. So, they become more immersed in

this whirlpool.

The chronic thrombosis in the patient`s legs symptoms


A smoker is anyone who has smoked 100 cigarettes in lifetime and currently smokes some days or every day. You may already know that smoking raises your risk of heart disease, but the damage caused by smoking is not limited to your heart. The harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke affect all the blood vessels in your body, putting you at risk for blood clots in the veins (DVT and pulmonary embolism) as well.

Smoking triggers changes in your blood and veins that increase your risk of blood clots. The chemicals in cigarette smoke make the blood thicker and more likely to form clots. Smoking also reduces blood flow to the arms and legs, creating slow-moving blood that is prone to clotting.

?Can quitting smoking help prevent vein disease

Yes. One large Danish study found that one who quit smoking had the same DVT risk as who had never smoked. This may be because smoking makes your blood more likely to clot, an effect that gradually disappears after you quit.

If you have already been diagnosed with vein disease, it is not too late to benefit from quitting smoking. People with chronic vein disease who quit smoking have a lower risk of serious complications such as leg ulcers.

This essay is translated by Mojgan Salmani

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