Sport and Varicose Veins

Generally speaking, sport improves the arterial blood flow and the vein one. In a word, sport is good for controlling the disease and preventing the creation and development of the varicose veins.

Of course, aerobic exercises and especially water sports have significant effect on improving the signs and symptoms of the disease.

Walking, cycling, and normal exercise would have wonderful long-term effect on the blood circulation; they are strongly recommended.

Stretching exercises also have a positive impact on improving the vessel conditions.

In short, aerobic exercises not only prevent the creation of the varicose veins, but also prevent the development of them.

Static exercises like weightlifting cause increased abdominal and pelvic pressures; unfortunately, they may cause or worsen varicose veins in

persons who are prone to the mentioned disease. Thus, it is recommended to do aerobic exercises regularly in addition to the static and weight training exercises.

Sometimes, prominent veins are seen in the athlete`s foot; she/he would be concerned.

The important point is that not any prominent vein is the varicose vein; it does not require any treatment.

Using Doppler ultrasound in the clinic and checking the pigeonhole valves would investigate that whether the prominent veins are varicose

veins or not; whether they need any treatment or not; whether they are the result of muscles` strength and the subcutaneous fat`s

reduction due to sport or not; whether they are healthy or not; and whether they need any treatment or not.

Harmful sports: the sports that may be harmful for patients with rope varicose veins include:

Football, handball, martial arts such as karate and something like that; they may hurt the varicose veins; the patient would be at risk of

varicose vein bleeding.

The compression socks and sport: it is not necessary to wear the compression socks during exercise.

Exercise in front of TV: generally, people sit in front of TV for some hours. It is better to put a pillow or a small stool under your legs to be in

a lying position. Then, regularly, bend your legs from ankle. This simple movement would be very helpful in the leg circulation.

Such movement is specially suggested for people who cannot exercise or walk correctly due to various reasons such as osteoarthritis of the


To be continued…

This essay is translated by Mojgan Salmani

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