Varicose vein treatment

The leg varicose has no treatment. The treatment has no benefit; since the disease would come back. The leg varicose vein treatment with the use of new techniques such as laser just has a promotional aspect

   .The above sayings are stated by the patients sometimes, and unfortunately, by the medical staff as well

But the reality is something else. The medical science is being revised every 5 years; and the reliance on the previous knowledge would not be enough. Statistics, the vast multi-national investigations, the frequent verifications of the valid organizations such as FDA, and what the others have been doing are all the witnesses; ignoring the mentioned witnesses would be considered as an oppression towards patients. But, varicose can be treated by the use of modern techniques and without any surgery; its symptoms would be improved substantially. The degree of improvement partly depends on the history and duration of the disease. And of course, in the case of the correct treatment and the necessary protective considerations by the patient after that, the disease would not be recurred.
The first and in fact the fundamental element of the leg varicose vein treatment is the compression stockings with the use of the appropriate pressure. Compression stockings would be enough in the early stages of the disease. But, in the advanced stages, it would not be able to

solve disease problems alone; it is necessary to use further treatment techniques

 These pictures show results of varicose vein treatment In your opinion, Is it reasonable to deprive patients from treating the varicose vein


This essay is translated by Mojgan Salmani

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