Thrombosis of Superficial Vein (Superficial Thrombophlebitis)

This patient is complaining of severe pain and tight vessels; that location is also red. This is called the thrombosis in the varicose vein.

Information for the doctors (superficial thrombophlebitis)

Varicophlebitis is generally been considered a relatively benign disorder, typically treated with mobilization, cooling, anti-inflammatory drugs

and compression therapy as outpatient.

If phlebitis is associated with potentially severe disease, anticoagulation should be considered, at least in cases with proximity to deep vein.

Repeat sonography in 3 to 7 days in cases with clinical signs of progression or proximity to the deep system.

This is the ultrasound image of one of the clinic patients suffering from the superficial thrombophlebitis; by paying more attention, we will

see the prominent thrombosis in the saphenous vein moving into the deep vein. The patient was treated by the anticoagulants. 

An important note: This diagnosis is not clinical; an ultrasound is needed to be done by an experienced person. 

The two main complication namely DVT and PE are not rare. In one study an incidence of DVT was 7% and PE 0.5%

In cases of a nonvaricose vein presenting as phlebitis _ multilocolar skipping or migrating _ search for vasculitis, malignancy and



This essay is translated by Mojgan Salmani

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